“Being prayed for is a wonderful feeling; praying for someone else in return is every bit as rewarding.” There is comfort and healing power in prayer. In the face of her own challenges, Karen took comfort in praying for others.

Karen’s cross was conceived for one primary reason: to promote the power of prayer. Karen believed in praying for those who were praying for her, as well as those who were experiencing greater challenges than her own.   

What are we hoping will happen through Karen’s Cross?

Simply this: we want to encourage people to pray for those in need of prayer and we want those being prayed for to know that it is happening.

It is our hope that Karen’s Cross will provide the opportunity for the growth of a prayer community.  It is our belief that something powerful happens to people who know that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and not alone in prayer.  Jesus reminds us that where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them (Matthew 28:20).

This web site may help to capture in a modern-day way the  prayer actions that a community of people praying and people holding crosses are taking to support each other in the name of Jesus.

Why are we asking people to register as a member of the prayer community?

The website provides a place for individuals to register themselves as a person praying for others. This is seen as an important step in promoting the magnitude of the prayer community.  Imagine the impact it will have on those receiving prayers to be able to view the roster of people praying.

You are encouraged to help honor Karen’s strong belief in prayer by registering your name as a member of our prayer community.

Also, there is an option via the website to request prayers and/or share stories of hope and joy.

What is the importance of the palm/comfort cross?

A dear friend gave Karen her palm cross.  Karen found great comfort and peace in holding it.   It reminded her that Jesus was with her.

Karen’s Cross intends to promote the palm cross as a source of comfort, peace and perhaps, strength to those people who would appreciate the tangible experience that the cross offers.  For some, just holding the cross silently is itself a prayer. It is hoped that the cross will become a reminder to pray for others, knowing that others are praying for them.

The cross is and will always be a symbol of Jesus, our faith, and God’s boundless love for us.

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