Prayer Community

Please consider joining us as a member of our Prayer Community.  We are all connected through Christ.  It is quite remarkable how people who have never met, depend on one another in uniting their hearts to pray for healing and the salvation of the world.  You are encouraged to invite others to join you in registering.
The Prayer Community List is growing and under review. If you don’t see your name yet, please check back soon.
Interested in joining the Prayer Community? Let us know here: [email protected]
Prayer Community Members
Patrick Dorsey           Anne Marie Chapman           Maggie O’Shaughnessy
Maureen Weise          Mary Koeller                          Mary Daniel
Lisa Haugen               Megan Wise                           Kitty Iacono
Patty Malloy               Maureen Montgomery          Red Dorsey
Molly Dorsey              Jeannie Murphy                    Mickey Jobst
Lou Jobst                    Liam O’Shaughnessy           Tim O’Shaughnessy
Remy Stack                Stella Stack                            Erin Stack
Brenda Richmeyer     Tom Richmeyer                      Margaret Dorsey
Kevin Dorsey              Colleen Farnan                      John Farnan
Jack Koeller                Kathy Kresyman                    Ken Kresyman
Abigail Dorsey             Ryan Dorsey                          Isabel Chapman
Bubba Chapman          Mike Hopkins                        Kenneth Amsinger
Rayma Kay Laughlin             Cheri Reh           Christine Slattery
Sharon James             Donna James              Sara Beth James-Heaviland
Charlotte Ruzicka            CoCo McLaughlin            Denise Stack
Helen Roder                Stephanie Sargent               Sandy Smith
Kelly Adamitis           Adria Bernabe Mauzy          Wanda Ruzicka   
Linda Weber             Fred Weber             Darla Tieszen
Pat Whitworth           Mary Toczylowski       Steve Ruzicka 
Chris Bauer               Shirley Beshel          Carol Santino
Gregg Muenster         Wendy Dallas       Kathy Schreiber
Jill Koeller